Cost Management Software


Cost management and profitability analysis

Cost Management Software


Cost management and profitability analysis

Which of your customers, products, or services contribute the most to your profit? Which of your business units or business processes are the most cost-intensive? Many companies and departments struggle with answering these kinds of questions, as spreadsheets and ERP-systems are not sufficient to provide this information. Even though, such information is crucial to know to be able to optimize profitability.

Our software supports pricing, profitability analysis and operational efficiency. The principles of Time Driven Activity Based Costing are fundamental to this. SaaS-solution CostReport™ makes this possible in a sustainable way.

To fill this gap, BirdsEye CostReport™ developed the new cost management tool CostReport™. CostReport™ provides an easy and reliable way to better understand costs and profitability.

No more cutting and pasting in Excel, or fiddling with systems that are just not suitable for this. But instead, quick and clear answers to the questions that are most important to you.

The tool is flexible and available to a variety of sectors. Using standard approaches per sector makes it possible to compare your outcome to the appropriate ‘peer group’, such that improvement opportunities are identified more quickly.

If desired, BirdsEye helps translating these outcomes into concrete plans to improve.

The problem

Insight into profitability of business lines, or costs of product/services are lacking.

The result

With CostReport™ you know what makes profit, where to increase prices, and which customer to say goodbye to.

The solution

CostReport™ allocates costs to customers, business lines, products, processes, and channels.

3 goals of costing in CostReport

Product costing

Profitability analysis

Operational efficiency

Why CostReport?

Quick insights and immediate action

Ready-to-use without a costly implementation process.

Easy to use

User-friendly to financials and accessible to decision makers.

Safe and reliable

Cloud-based and secure according to the latest safety regulations.


eases and provides comprehensible tailor-made information

Funded start-up

At the end of 2019, Koen Perik (expert in the field of cost management and former Unilever manager), Daan Nollen (former Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)), and Marcel Kannekens (Former CFO), decided to summate their combined 75 years of experience in strategy and management accounting into one product. A product that is simple, offers steering information, and meets a need that is not met by ERP-systems.

Our customers

‘BirdsEye – CostReport™ gave us insights that we could have never gotten out of our own accounting systems. By linking the time spent by our employees to CostReport™, as well as easily allocating rent and other office costs, we now know exactly to what extent a business line is profitable. This way we are able to do business as efficient as possible.’

Robert Paulusse is managing director at Buro Brand, The Hague, Netherlands. With their Visual Thinking they help companies, teams, as well as employees that are ready for a change, by making drawings or by teaching people to draw.

‘I started using BirdsEye – CostReport™ to gain better insights into our organization’s performances. Proper cost allocation is essential in this regard, and by using CostReport™ this is very easy to achieve. The system works intuitively and forces you to think carefully about the processes within the organization. The final report is simple and straightforward, displaying exactly that information I was looking for.’

Renske van Kreel is finance manager at Betabit, a high-end Azure specialist with over 200 employees within The Netherlands and abroad.

 ‘Using BirdsEye – CostReport™ is simple and adequate. The software easily guides you through all data, without leaving anything out. Creating scenarios is a piece of cake thanks to CostReport™. This gives our customer quick insight into the financial impact new projects and propositions have on our performances.’

Wendy Schuit, Schuit Finance Consultancy

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